Offensive Defense: Complete Cybersecurity through Automated Risk Reduction

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Offensive cybersecurity services for your business

Technology is all around us, and it’s changing at an accelerating pace. With new opportunities for your business, new risks emerge. Cybercrime costs about $600 billion annually, and that number is growing by 15% per year. Today, having a strong cybersecurity strategy is more important than ever to protect your assets as you grow your business.

With cyber attacks on the rise, preventive measures are not enough to ensure the security of your network. An offensive cybersecurity plan is key to detect security flaws and unknown vulnerabilities within your systems.

Together, offensive and defensive cyber security measures create the strongest line of defense against cyber attacks.

Who we are

Pucara Cybersecurity is an offensive cybersecurity expert at the forefront of technology. We specialize in cyber attack simulation and advanced security assessment. Our team of experienced ethical hackers is uniquely equipped to provide true visibility into each of your asset’s level of exposure and detect highly complex security risks that no automatic vulnerabilities scanning process will.

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What we do

Pucara Cybersecurity offers defensive and offensive cybersecurity solutions to create a secure and resilient ecosystem for your organization. We tackle both sides of the cybersecurity spectrum, ensuring the best possible defense against external threats and constantly updating our practices to stay ahead of the curve and beat hackers at their own game.


Penetration Testing

Find and remediate vulnerabilities within your organization’s network.


Red Team

Put your assets and team to the test with real-world attack scenarios.


Source Code Review

Detect and fix any flaws, loopholes and vulnerabilities in your software by taking a deep dive into your code.



Monitor, detect and analyze advanced threat patterns with a dedicated 24/7 team.


Incident Response

Be ready to handle any incident at any moment with an experienced incident response team.


Vulnerability Management

Control your cyber risk effectively as you grow your business by managing your vulnerabilities.

We’re Your Offensive Cybersecurity Partner

We will endeavour to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

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