Web Application Penetration Testing

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Web applications are a fundamental asset for any growing business, but they also pose a considerable security risk. If left unchecked, web applications become entry points for attackers looking to access your resources and steal your data.

You can make the best of your web applications without compromising your data by incorporating web application penetration testing into your cybersecurity strategy.

What is web application penetration testing?

Like all penetration tests, a web app pen test involves probing your system to find vulnerabilities, flaws or loopholes that can be exploited to access your data, and provide effective solutions. Web App Pen Tests are designed to assess the security level of web applications at a specific point in time.

Pucara Cybersecurity is an offensive cybersecurity consultant at the forefront of attack simulation. Our approach to penetration testing is methodical, aggressive and innovative . As the saying goes, hackers don’t sleep – and neither do we.

Our web app pen testing services

Web Application Penetration Testing Overview

Pucara Cybersecurity’s web application penetration test follows the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards. Following the OWASP methodology , we test the broadest possible attack surface,  conducting a comprehensive assessment of your web applications to identify and fix any and all security flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

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Stages of the Web App Pen Test:

  • Information Gathering
  • Configuration and Deployment Management Testing
  • Identity Management Testing
  • Authentication Testing
  • Authorization Testing
  • Session Management Testing
  • Input Validation Testing
  • Testing Error Handling
  • Testing for Weak Cryptography
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Client-Side Testing

If the application is in a testing environment, all kinds of Denial-of-Service (DoS), data destruction or data modification tests will be performed in order to make a realistic assessment. If the application is in a production environment , we only perform these tests upon request

What are the benefits of web application penetration testing?

A web app pen test is not only a sensible business practice to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and the security of your network; other benefits include:

    • Protect your application against real-world threats and attackers
    • Satisfying your compliance requirements (ISO27001 and other industry standards)
    • Comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure (which is particularly important after implementing changes in any public-facing assets)
    • Strengthening security policies by testing for weaknesses, flaws or loopholes
    • Building trust with your stakeholders
    • Providing valuable feedback to your security team (reducing human error)
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How often should I pentest my Web Applications?

Most organizations perform Web Application Penetration Testing once a year or on a quarterly basis; Pen Tests are also necessary to meet certain compliance requirements. How often you should run a Web App Pen Test depends on the particular needs and risks of your organization; Pucara Cybersecurity can help you assess your risk and find a pentesting schedule that works for you.

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