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Red Team Services for Advanced Threat Simulation

While standard penetration testing is extremely useful to test the vulnerability of your networks and assets, it is insufficient to assess how your cybersecurity strategy will handle an advanced persistent threat . While not all organizations require red team exercises, those in need of highly-developed cybersecurity processes cannot do without real advanced attack simulation.

What is red team cybersecurity?

Red Team Cybersecurity is an advanced attack simulation service that tests your security processes, incident response capabilities and performance of your cybersecurity teams to their fullest capacity. Red team services are employed by organizations to evaluate and improve their defensive capabilities in all possible scenarios and at all levels. Red team services focus on how adversaries interact with systems when performing an operation and why.

Pucara Cybersecurity’s Red Team Services

In cybersecurity, the best defense is achieved through offensive efforts. A successful cybersecurity strategy is only achieved when both the defensive and offensive efforts are coordinated – when a red team performs advanced attack simulation, it is performing a thorough test of your defensive capabilities. The results will inform and improve your overall cyber defense, allowing your team to detect adversarial activity within their networks and counteract threats more efficiently . As offensive cybersecurity specialists at the forefront of attack simulation, we are uniquely suited to help your organization take their cybersecurity strategy to the next level.

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Benefits of red team cybersecurity

Although red team services are a necessity for organizations with high cybersecurity needs, the benefits they provide are long-lasting and thorough .

  • Response procedures are improved and strengthened
  • Transversal weaknesses within your organization are detected and remediated
  • Monitoring and detection systems are improved
  • Improvement of event analysis, incident identification and vulnerability detection & solving processes
  • Training of your cybersecurity staff to respond to real-life threats

Red team services overview

During our red team exercise, we perform a comprehensive external assessment that truly mimics a real attack using the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) framework. The goal is to assess the capabilities of your cybersecurity team , and train them to identify and control potential security gaps and to assess which controls were effective and which were not. If the security measures taken by your team are not effective, we will provide advice on how to improve and adapt their efforts.

This type of exercise employs a wide range of complex techniques to put your team’s abilities to the test, including:

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